What opportunities does blockchain offer for the industry sector?

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Blockchain technology is gaining an ever-firmer foothold in the business community, not least because of the promise of efficiency improvements in various sectors. The potential impact of blockchain technology is being studied using practical cases and pilot schemes all over the world, and very much so in the Netherlands. Below are a few examples where TNO is involved in the research of blockchain in the industry field.

Blockchain White Paper

The ‘Governance and Business Models for Blockchain Business Ecosystems’ White Paper contains an analysis of existing blockchain technologies and is intended to provide knowledge and inspiration to organizations and consortia that are considering the deployment of blockchain, to enable them to carefully balance all the factors.

Download White Paper

Identity solution for citizens

The Self-Sovereign Identity Framework (SSIF) – which is based on blockchain technology – means that citizens can use digital personal data both online and offline. With the SSIF, you gather information about yourself that is held by other parties, such as the government, banks, employers, insurance companies and education institutes. You yourself determine with which parties you share the information. See a video about this solution below.

Blockchain and agri-food: a fertile combination

The ‘Blockchain for Agri-food’ project is a TNO and Wageningen University & Research pilot scheme that is aimed at looking what impact blockchain technology could have on the agri-food sector, and at what is needed in order to apply the technology in agri-food supply chains. With the help of a real-life case involving the importing of grapes from South Africa, an examination is being made of whether and how blockchain can help improve compliance with foodstuffs certificates.

Read here the article entitled 'Pilot project shows that blockchain and agri-food are a fertile combination'.

Making the impossible possible

What could blockchain mean for the sharing economy, device autonomy and the ‘autonomy of things’? In the Techruption programme, KPN and TNO are jointly developing a series of practical cases, together with interested consortium partners. “What I really like about all the excitement around blockchain is that there are suddenly large numbers of people again who are daring to think the seemingly impossible,” explains TNO’s Oskar van Deventer.

Want to know more? Read the article entitled, ‘Doing the seemingly impossible, thanks to blockchain’.

Blockchain and start-ups

It is expected that start-ups will be the very ones who can benefit from blockchain technology. The advantage that blockchain offers start-ups is the possibility of appealing to a worldwide market in one go. Moreover, it is unexplored territory - a field on the move with room for new players. The Brightlands Innovation Factory, which will begin operation after the summer, will be supporting start-ups in this area.

Read here how blockchain can benefit start-ups.

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